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Cheltenham Panthers Netball Club are members of Netball Victoria Community and play within the Kingston Districts Netball Association (KDNA) who set game fixtures and rules, grade the teams and provide umpiring.

Wet Weather Policy

If the weather is wet, all teams must turn up to play on game day.  A decision is made at the start of each round by as to if the game goes ahead or not. Teams play in the rain; however, they do not play in lightning or hail. Each round is assessed depending on the progression of weather conditions. If a game is cancelled after halftime, the scores will stand, and 4 points will be awarded to the winner accordingly. If a match is cancelled before halftime, the score will be noted as a draw, and 2 points will be awarded to each team.


Each week a family will be rostered on to score for the team.  The scorer will mark all the player’s positions on the form and record all goals.

There will be a scorer from each team playing – if you are the home team, you will be responsible for filling in the form, and the away team stands beside them to assist. 

Please visit this KDNA link for more details about game day scoring.

Representative (rep) at kdna

Representative Netball represent their local association and their training and games are managed by their local association (ours is KDNA). Rep players training and play matches at a highly skilled level at tournaments throughout Melbourne. Speak to your Coach about your potential to play rep netball.


Umpiring is provided by KDNA and is an essential part of netball. It can also be an excellent opportunity for players to develop their skills and knowledge of the game. Knowing the rules and confidently applying these in a competitive arena takes training, leadership guidance, and resilience. 

For those interested in becoming an umpire, you will require the following documents.

  • Current My Netball registration.
  • A working with children’s check if you are aged over 18 years.
  • Complete ATO statement by supplier declaration.
  • Umpire accreditation.
  • Completed umpire’s online forms.

For umpiring opportunities please contact the Umpire Coordinator at Kingston District Netball Association at or visit their website for further information.

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